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Clark Rant

I get it.

Sometimes positive psychology / personal development posts can sound a bit corny. The “don’t worry be happy” vibe can come off as a vexatious turn off. I’m well aware of this. From first hand experience I know that however “corny” or “pink sparkle rainbow” these posts may sound on paper, when the strategies are ACTUALLY applied and incorporated into your life they can work wonders.

Today’s post is on Fundamentals.

Too Busy Driving?

GASOLINE Look, Fundamentals are the things that FILL your up. Another way to look at them are as if fundamentals are the gas in your car. If we drive around day after day we’re eventually going to need to put some gas in our car.

But picture this: saying you “don’t have time” to do the things you love is like saying you’re too busy driving to stop for gas. How do you think that’d work out on a road trip? Ultimately we don’t have a choice whether to fill up or not.

It’s and inconvenient time for you? So what.

Feeling too stressed out? That’s the best time to take time for yourself.

My TOP FIVE Fun-damentals

  1. Holistic Health (Good nutrition & proper hydration / Sleep)
  2. Movement (Exercise & be active at least 30 min / day)
  3. Friends & Laughter 
  4. Giving (Online services / inspiring others)
  5. Growth (Journal & Reflection / Reading positive books)

What Are YOUR Fundamentals?

Back to you.

What fills you up? What are five things that REALLY make you come alive?

I want to emphasize that it’s okay if your fundamentals don’t seem  “MASSIVE”. Fundamentals can be as simple. To each his own. For you it might be as basic as walking your dog or watching three episodes of LOST back to back. Whatever it is just make sure it fills you up. That’s the key.

So! What are your top FIVE fundamentals?

How can you do at least ONE or TWO of them a day?

Do that for a week and you’ll see so much change. I promise.




Control your life, don’t let life control you.

Pura Vida

-Clark Danger

Seattle, WA 11:41AM

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