How to Oil Pull: 4 Steps for White Teeth (Health Benefits of Oil Pulling DIY)

How to Oil Pull: 4 Steps for White Teeth (Health Benefits of Oil Pulling DIY)

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This week’s health hack: how to oil pull.

Oil pulling is one of my favorite health hacks for dental health. Oil pulling has been practiced for thousands of years – but you can do it with the ingredients in your home.

I’m going to give you 4 simple steps to get going on oil pulling at home.



The stains on your teeth, are not water soluble.

This means you can brush until you’re blue in the face, and use all the whitening mouthwashes you want and you will still have stains. That’s because these stains are lipid soluble, meaning they need a fat to pull them off. In doing oil pulling you will be able to remove the stains from teeth faster (and probably a bit healthier than scraping and trying to force the stains off with all those other methods)

Step on is to select your oil! Some of my favorites are: Sesame Oil, Almond Oil, Safflower Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Avocado Oil, Olive Oil and also my personal favorite, (also my cat’s favorite by the way) the Coconut Oil. I like coconut oil for couple of reasons: It tastes good, it’s anti-microbial and anti-fungal and its available everywhere.


Doctors call the mouth the “gateway to the body”.

Under your tongue, there’s a lot of capillaries, veins, arteries. Some so small they are microscopic. And a lot of medications are taken sublingually, which mean you put the pill, the tablet under your tongue, and you let it dissolve and absorb into your body. Here’s the thing, the “gateway” works two ways: You can take things in; and you can also pull things out.

So, what oil pulling does is by using a fat you are able to pull particles, bacteria, microorganism out of your body that are probably not beneficial. This makes oil pulling a cool way you can detox your body naturally.

How do we do this? Swish the oil around your mouth up to 10-20 minutes. Don’t over think this, if you go to 19 minutes probably the same as 18 there’s not much of a difference but it’s definitely good to give it some time to work. It takes time.

If you want a bonus benefit, add some peppermint, essential oil or lavender essential oil. Any food grade essential oil will do.


Do not, do one of two things:

  1. Do not swallow it. You just pulled out all the toxins out and detox, you don’t want to put it back in your body.
  2. Do not to spit it in your sink! Just like any baking grease, you put it in a tin cup because if you put it in the sink you’re gonna have to call the plumber in about 3 weeks because you’ll gonna have a pipe full of coconut oil.


This step is not 100% necessary. But I like it because it finishes the job and feels more natural.



That’s it. That’s this week’s health hack.

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the best 11 questions that I’ve collected over the years.

And from me to you, stop settling starts living.

Happy Oil Pulling!



8 Benefits You Didn’t Know About Green Tea

8 Benefits You Didn’t Know About Green Tea

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The second most popular drink in the world right under water, green tea.

What’s up guys I’m Clark welcome back to weekly Wednesday health hack where we go over things that make you happy, healthy and inspired. Let’s talk about green tea, now let’s not that just write it off and say okay we have heard it before. Let us really get into some of the benefits and research.

I posted the studies down below, the links to them if you want to check it out yourself. So I’m going to go over eight of them. Eight cool benefits of green tea and then I am going to show you how you make it and incorporate into your everyday to get those benefits.

Let’s get going;


EGCG this is a compound in green tea that has been linked to lots of the fat burning properties and I want to talk about two studies specifically. The first study I think it falls in 10 Japanese men and it showed a 4% increase in overall metabolism and another study showed that the fat oxidation rate was increased by 17% meaning that not only is your metabolism is boasted by green tea but the actual rate of fat oxidation is increased as well; so you are able to specifically target your fat instead of just general calories focus, pretty cool.


Focus and mental clarity is another benefit of green tea. Now this is a personal one for me because about two weeks ago I switched from coffee. I have been a lifelong coffee drinker, I mean I grew up in Seattle so we are practically doing gummers with the stuff and I started drinking coffee when I was 10 and I’ve been drinking it ever seen and I’ve been on and off of coffee about 50 times in my life and the times I’m off of it I am on tea and I noticed that there is just such a mental clarity you get and your focus and concentration is so much better. Now personally I’m not sure if that’s the tea’s benefit or the benefit of not having coffee but I definitely noticed it in the past two weeks since I’ve been drinking green tea. My mental clarity has gone up and now I was researching this and that is because green tea has an amino acid, L-theanine I believe it’s pronounced that actually has a synergistic effect with caffeine and can cross a blood brain barrier without getting too complex basically you are able to tap in and focus a lot better than some of the other stuff because of that amino acid.


Some studies have shown that it has anti-anxiety effects which is really cool because with coffee you know you can get the jitters and you can get stressed out and I remember my shirts would start pitting and all this gross stuff but I don’t get that with tea.


The next benefit of green tea is that you will die less in one study of 14,000 adults those who drink the most green tea were 64% less likely to die over the 6 years study.


Green tea has been linked to skin health. Catechins an antioxidant that is I believe it is 200 times more powerful than vitamin E; so get your radiant skin by just drinking green tea.


Multiple studies have come out showing that green tea can prevent tooth decay and increase your overall oral hygiene.


Cancer, let us talk about this one, one study found that men who drink green tea had a 48% chance less likely to develop prostate cancer and woman who drink green tea had a 22% less likely chance of developing breast cancer.


Let me show you how to actually make this stuff. Alright so let me go over three ways; the first is to brew it yourself with loose leaf now this is probably the most popular method don’t over think it. One or 2 tablespoons of green tea, I’m using a, I kind of gotten on an Asian market, I got three at of them I like to rotate through and this gives you a really strong earthy tasting tea and let it steep for about 3 to 5 minutes. The longer you let it steep the more bitter it gets and potentially the more caffeine. If you want to mix this up go ahead and add mint; you can do a diffuser, ginger or turmeric and lemon actually helps the catechins absorb, so that’s another tip as well.

The second way is the easiest way and that is to buy from the store in a tea bag. You can get these in 100, 200 packs from an Asian market for dirt cheap. Although I’m going to the trusted Trader Joe’s. They never wrong you, although Joe is one trader. I like to do two bags because I am a maniac and I get double the benefits and the third ways is just to take it in a supplement form, an extract you can be careful with this it does have caffeine and you want to do that before any of these before if you are sensitive to caffeine; recommendation for this range from 2 cups a day, 5 cups a day all the way to 10 cups a day.

One Cup of caffeine is about 35 mg which isn’t bad compared to its rival coffee which has 135 mg.

Two tips: the first is do not add milk to this the casein protein is going to inhibit the effect of the anti-oxidant, okay so don’t ever do that. The second tip is to get a good high-quality brand. Some of the lower quality brands have bad handling practices. I have even heard of them having fluoride in them and other not so fun things you just don’t want in a tea.

Okay guys that is your weekly Wednesday health hack, thanks for tuning in!

If you want I put out a free e-book it is called the 11 questions to change your life. It is the best 11 questions that have made an impact, change and influence on my life and we have been getting great feedback on it. The link is in the description below head on over there and get it yourself all it takes is an e-mail.

It is all that I got guys until next time, happy tea drinking.

Stop settling, start living I will see you later.



Great Green Tea Loose Leaf:
Great Green Tea Bags:


4% FAT:









Your Breath Sucks, and what you can do about it – Tongue Scraping

Your Breath Sucks, and what you can do about it – Tongue Scraping

Your Breath Sucks! Tongue Scraping


  • Tongue scraping (why it’s ESSENTIAL for clean breath)
  • Up to 85% of the Bacteria in your mouth is ON your tongue! 
  • How to beat morning breath
  • The best tongue scraper out there.
  • Keep your oral gear in a bag…. or else (see video)

Isn’t Brushing Good Enough?toothbrush

Did you know: Up to 85% of the bacteria in your mouth is actually on your tongue!

We’ve all heard the recommendations. “Brush twice daily for 2-3 min, floss and avoid sugar” dentists told us growing up. What’s funny is that there is absolutely no mention of tongue scraping whatsoever. Tongue scraping can have a profound impact on your overall health.

Remember, the health of your mouth reflects the health of your body.

Look, you can brush your Tongue till you’re blue in the face, but there’s a faster way to clean the thing.

How do we clean our tongue?

With a tongue scraper!


VIDEO: You’re Nastier Than You Know


What’s the BEST Tongue Scraper?

Gft_Tongue_Cleaner1_lg TongueCleaner_DT91121Don’t over think it. Almost any tongue scraper will work fine. They should only cost around $5 – $10 and they will most likely last a lifetime. Changes are your local drug store carries them in their oral health department.

Happy scraping.

Control your life, don’t let life control you.

-Clark Danger

Seattle, WA 9:50 PM

White Teeth in 3 Days? : The Secret of Oil Pulling

White Teeth in 3 Days? : The Secret of Oil Pulling


  • OIL PULLING (Ancient 5,000 year old medicine)
  • White Teeth (Them’ stains are fat soluble! Need a FAT to remove them)
  • Detox Mouth (Capillary network under tongue. Two birds, one stone)
  • THE BEST way to oil pull (see video)
  • Use Coconut Oil (15 min. then spit in trash)

What Is Oil Pulling?

Oil pulling is a strategy that uses a type of oil to improve and PULL the toxins out of your body. Oil Pulling is traditionally done using sesame or sunflower oil, however I recommend coconut oil for increased benefits (see below)

Here’s what you need to know about oil pulling: coconut-oil1

  • Ayurvedic Medicine Technique
  • 5,000 years old!
  • Detoxifies body
  • Helps return mouth to optimal oral health

What Oil Pulling can do for YOU.

What are the benefits of oil pulling? Reported ones have included:

  • Whiter Teeth
  • Clears Acne
  • Improved Skin “glow”
  • Healthier Gums (clears gingivitis)
  • Plaque Reduction
  • Reduced Inflammation
  • Eliminates Chronic Bad Breath….

And…. IT’S CHEAP. Seriously, the stuff is next to free. Ditch the $100 custom bleach whitening strips and pick up some coconut oil.

VIDEO: White Teeth in Three Days

Oil Pulling: Tips & Tricks

Here’s some Tips & Tricks from my own experience with oil pulling….OrganicCoconutOil

  1. Coconut Oil works BEST. (anti-bacterial properties through it’s lauric acid content) 
  2. Do NOT swallow (spit the stuff)
  3. Do NOT spit oil in drain (Oil is solid at room temp… it WILL clog your sink / drain)
  4. Swish for 10-15 min (Some recommend 20min. If that’s too long, no worries. 10-15 min will is still beneficial)
  5. 1-2 TBS works best.
  6. Do this in the Morning.

So, what do YOU think? Have you tried oil pulling? Let me know with a comment below!

Control your life, don’t let life control you.

-Clark Danger

Seattle, WA 12:26 PM

Nature’s Godsend: Calcium Bentonite Clay


  • Clay IS Legit. (History of use dates back thousands of years)
  • Detoxification  (Clay works through ADsorption)
  • Gastrointestinal Tract (We are one BIG tube)
  • Almost EVERYTHING in you body with a positive charge is Toxic (Clay has a negative charge that helps eliminate these positively charged substances)
  • Clay gets your pipes moving!

CLARK RANT – You are NOT what you eat

You’ve heard the saying. The one that goes “You are what you eat”. Not only is this saying overused and played out, but it is completely misleading. Heck i’d go so far as to say the saying is just down right wrong.

Your are NOT what you eat. You ARE what you eat and absorb!

Here’s the catch. What you eat is not always what you absorb. Have you ever met someone that couldn’t gain weight to save their life?! These same people can’t gain a pound despite their constant efforts of stuffing their face all day and slamming down protein weight gainers and all!

Why is that? First off, we can rule out the whole “calories in calories out” mentality. Second off, we can see how you are NOT what you eat. (Have I said that enough)

Here’s why:

GI TRACTYour GI Tract And YOU:
Our bodies are essentially one giant tube. This tube runs through us all the way  from our mouth to our anus. Food goes in, stuff happens along the way (breaking down, enzymatic activity, absorption of nutrients, ect) then the waste eventually exists us (you know how the rest of the story goes).

This tube is better known as your “Gastrointestinal Tract” (GI Tract). Your GI Tract is composed of your small intestine, large intestine, stomach, esophagus, mouth, anus, as well as several other specific parts. Each of these pieces helps break down food particles into smaller and smaller pieces until the nutrients are small enough to be absorbed.

You’re Toxic.. And Here’s What You Can Do About It!
Did you know that almost everything that is TOXIC to the human body carries a very positive (+) charge? POSITIVE NEGATIVECrazy right? We’re talking parasites, Heavy metals, funguses, free radicals, ect all have positive charges.

Now as i’m sure you’re very aware from basic grade school chemistry class that when a positive meets a negative they bind together. Why is this all important? Because particles of clay carry a very negative (-) charge. Not only that but clay can not be absorbed. “Why” you might ask? Because clay actually doesn’t work through absorption, it works through a process better known as “Adsorption”.

Adsorption, Clay’s Secret:
To illustrate the difference between adsorption and absorption think of a glass of spilt milk (don’t cry). Absorption would be what happens if I took a sponge to that spilt milk. The milk would transfer from the surface into my sponge. Adsorption would be the equivalent of taking a squeegee to that same mess of milk and scraping it off onto the floor.

Clay works through adsorption. This is significant because you can not absorb clay, it acts as a magnet attracting all the positively charged particles in your body. What happens is all these substances come out of your body once the clay does. Talk about some serious detox!

Clay: Nature’s Godsend


How to use Clay: Tips & TricksRTC-90255-0

Some tips and tricks on using clay:

1. Use a 1 : 8 Ratio (Clay to Water).

2. Let your clay soak overnight. (Helps dissolve fully)

3. Drink clay on an empty stomach. Do this upon waking or before bed.

4. Quality Matters. I use a Calcium Bentonite clay. Look for one that says “internal / external use”.




Hope that helps! Best of luck to you on your journey to optimal health.

Leave a comment below and let me know how clay works for you! What did you think?

Control your life, don’t let life control you.



DIY: Organic Produce Wash on the CHEAP!

DIY: Organic Produce Wash on the CHEAP!


  • Wash that produce!
  • Buy Organic  (Better for you and the planet)
  • Make your own produce wash! (1:3 ratio of vinegar : water)
  • Save money. Do it yourself.

Clark Rant:

“There’s NO WAY this should cost ten bucks!”

I thought to myself, looking at the organic produce wash in my hand. The thing was only twelve ounces! That’s 1.2 oz per dollar! That’s also a gigantic rip off! So I did some research and found a way to make your own produce wash. The stuff cost 1,000 times cheaper.

Here’s how I did it:

Do It Yourself – How To Save $100 per Year

Ready for the recipe?


1. Empty Spray Bottle. Buy or reuse an empty spray bottle. (use glass if possible)
2. Add Vinegar. Be SURE to use an Organic brand. (I use BRAGG Apple Cider Vinegar)
3. Add  Water. Make sure to use filtered water. You don’t want chlorine or fluoride on that organic produce!

Be sure to use a 1:3 ratio of vinegar to water. For stronger cleaning uses, increase the vinegar content. I use this mixture for other household cleaning.

Give it a shot. Let me know if you did!


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