Story Time:

A group of five millionaires are trapped in a closet. They are stripped of all their wealth, all their possessions, and all their connections.

The only thing they have when they are let out five years later, is their work ethic and skill set.

Much to everyone’s surprise, these same five millionaires who were trapped for five years with nothing, all became millionaires once again within that same year of being let out.

Back to You:

Obviously, that above story isn’t true. (If you’re freaking out because there’s no way five people could survive without food and water for five years, stop getting so caught up on the details. :)

What is true about the above story is that these men had something more valuable than their money.

They had what it took within them to make that money. Not only did they have a million dollars, they became someone who COULD make a million dollars.

Let’s relate this to our own lives.

Ask yourself this question: What would it TAKE, who would you have to BECOME, what would you have to WORK AT, to transform yourself into someone who could have whatever you dream of.

Don’t just read the above question, REALLY think about it. Write it down! Journel on it. Take a bath with the question hanging on a string above you the whole time. (I don’t know what works for you, to each his own I guess :) No judgement)

My Story:

There I was, pen in hand sitting on the brink of the new year; 2013.

Chewing on the end of my G2, I started journaling on ways I could best serve others. As I began reflecting on what worked and what didn’t work for 2012, I couldn’t shake the image of me hauling ass creating and slaving over a hundred or so Youtube videos (without any major success).

I decided it was REALLY time to start getting honest with myself. 

This entitled admitting that YouTube isn’t the way to go.“How could I  best serve, give my gifts, and reach others?” was the question I kept journaling.

Finally it came to me. “Why hadn’t I thought of this before? THIS is IT!” I started asking myself. That was the moment I started my first podcast “DUDE! Where’s My Health?!”

You know that feeling?

That feeling you get when you start to create something you’re SO stoked and passionate about? I hope you do, it’s one of the best feelings there is. A mixed bag of half self doubt and half excitement I started brainstorming. After filling up three or so blank pages in my journal, I had a finished list of my show title / subtitle / theme / message / goals / schedule / potential guests / the full nine!

As I started moving down my list, contacting those on it, much to my surprise almost everyone agreed to come on my show! In the early days, I would prep for literally HOURS before a single show.

Heck, being an amature this is what you do when you have no clue what to expect. All together reviewing my notes, editing shows, writing scripts, brainstorming take aways, recording intros, I’d say each show took me around (no joke) 20 hours. Yes, you read that right. That’s a full blown 20:1 ratio of work to content. Sounds productive right? :)

Why am I rambling about my early podcast start up?

Look, the theme here is WORK. Now I run the PaleoHacks Podcast with a team. We rank in the top iTunes Health charts and things are going super well! People could hear that or see me and think “MAN, he got lucky”. What they didn’t see was the ameture 20:1 ratio of work to content that I put into “DUDE! Where’s My Health?!”. (This story will come back in later posts)




Final Word: It’s not about making money or being “successful” it’s about becoming someone who’s capable of manifesting anything they work after.

“The harder I work, the luckier I get”

Put in the work, you’ll get far.

Control your life, don’t let life control you!


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