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  • If you waste your time you waste your life. time-management
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The old ism “time is worth more than money” always leaves a bitter taste. As always there is a disconnect between what we know and what we do. We know that time is more valuable than money, yet spend two-hours calling customer service fighting $10 bank charges.

I’ll be honest. Most articles on “time management” make me feel as if I’m wasting my time reading them. This article has one goal: to make you assess where you spend most of your time.

I mentioned back in my article “Time Management is Dead”  that being busy  ≠ being productive. Ain’t that the truth.

I also want to preface this article by saying that time management can seem like a dry topic. There are no secrets or fancy gimmicks. However if we do not become conscious about controlling our time it will control us.You must proactively choose where to spend your time and where not to spend your time.

Here are the ONLY 3 uses of your time. Choose wisely.


USE #1 : Sell Your Time

Worth MORE than money.

  • Selling your time is what most people do.
  • Selling your time is working the 9 – 5.
  • You are trading your hours for dollars.
  • The problem? You never see that time again.
  • You receive a flat rate for your time. There is no investment.
  • If you want to make $1 million dollars you need to stop doing $10/hr tasks

The problem? Selling your time is easy, secure and generates a steady income. I am not suggesting you quit your job after reading this article. However I would suggest you aim to spend MORE time in use #3 (more on that in just a bit).


USE #2 : Waste Your Time

Act as if your time is worth $1,000 / hr.

  • How different would your life be if you acted as if your time is worth $1,000 an hour?
  • What would you STOP doing?
  • What would you START doing?
  • Wasting your time is not just playing video games.
  • Wasting your time is everything you do that doesn’t fill you up.
  • It’s the gossip at the water cooler.
  • It’s the checking of twitter 50 times a day.
  • It’s the constant procrastination of that thing you’ve been avoiding.

Is there anything wrong with the above bullets? Do they sound too idealist? That’s because wasting our time is fun. Now, I am not saying that anyone who wastes their time is an evil slacker. However, we can all aim to spend less time in this use of time (myself included).

Try to catch yourself whenever you fall into use #2. See if you can change into use #3.


USE #3 : Invest Your Time

Selling your time is how you make a living. Investing your time is how you make a life.

It would be easy for me to try and say that there is only one way to invest your time. However, that’s not the case. When it comes down to it there’s multiple ways to  invest your time. Here are three that I’ve found work for most people.

1. Do Nothing Time

  • This is your “recharge” button.
  • Do nothing time is where you refill.
  • This could be meditating, working out, or hanging out with friends.

2. Ambitious Time

  • This is where you are in “Do Mode”
  • This could be building a new business, launching a blog, launching a podcast, writing a book, working with a coach, ect.

3. Personal Growth Time

  • Personal Growth time is where you do the things that make you grow.
  • Remember: what isn’t growing is dying. That might sound extreme, but it’s true.
  • This could be reading books, attending seminars, going to workshops, a spiritual practice, journaling, gratitude, ect.



Your ONLY 3 Uses of Time



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Control your life, don’t let life control you.

Pura Vida,

-Clark Danger


Seattle, WA.

Feb 4th @ 2:15PM

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