• Full Chest Workout
  • Utilize your own bodyweight (Gravity is free, USE it.)
  • Pushups are still #1!

Clark Rant

Gravity is amazing. And Free.

What business do your have lifting weights if you can’t even control your own? Utilizing frequent bodyweight training has become a goal of mine. It’s made me realize that you don’t need tons of smith machines / single isolation right bicep curls to get a good workout. Heck, sometimes less is more. Use your own bodyweight and you’ll start seeing some intense results in density.

Here’s a chest workout I through together last year. These are some variations on the standard pushup.

Give it a shot! Leave a comment if you did. Which pushup variation was the hardest?


  • Perform each exercise in order.
  • Complete three sets before moving onto the next exercise.
  • Listed are (Sets x Reps)
  1. Standard Pushup (3 x 25)
  2. Decline Pushup    (3 x  20)
  3. Dive Bombers        (3 x 15)
  4. Incline Pushup     (3 x 25)
  5. Diamond Pushup  (3 x 20)


VIDEO: Perfecting Pushups


Control your life, don’t let life control you.

Pura Vida.

-Clark Danger

Seattle WA, 12:30PM

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