The BEST Exercise for Six Pack Abs : Wheel of Pain


  • Go Old School (Small testicles, HGH, and Wheels of Pain)
  • What is Your “Core”? (How you can build a strong one)
  • TVA wall (and what it has to do with your Six Pack)
  • Full Ab Wheel Workout (see video)

Clark Rant – Kickin’ It Old School

This one’s old school. Gotta love the classics. Ab wheels have been around for ages. They remind me of all those old school bodybuilder photos from the 80’s with the short shorts like modern volleyball players. Aside from freak show quads, these old school body builders had freak show abs! Heck lets face it, bodybuilding contests are pretty much “may the best abs win”.

So how did they do it?

All of these bodybuilders have one thing in common (no not HGH or small testicles) they have a strong core.

What it REALLY Means to be “Hard Core”

tva muscleYour core is EVERYTHING.

Think you can squat 400lbs without a strong core? Think again!

There’s a reason so many strength and conditioning coaches that work with top athletes place such an emphasis on building a “strong core”.

What is a strong core?

It’s NOT a six pack. Get that idea out of you head right now. Your core are not a few isolated ab muscles but whether your entire abdominal complex.

TVA Wall and Your Six Pack

Transverse Abdominals. Those bad boys are what we’re trying to strengthen to achieve this holy grail of a “strong core”.

What are your Transverse Abdominis (TVA)?

Your TVA aid in supporting your body’s overall stability. Think of your TVA as your body’s natural weight lifting belt.

One way to strengthen these bad boys are to perform several exercises. Plank is great, but is there an even better way to strengthen your TVA? I’ve found that performing ab rollouts are another extremely effective way to build up your TVA wall.

Here’s how.


Three options for finding a wheel.

  1. Order one wheels online. (go for around ten bucks or so)
  2. Find one (I got mine for three bucks at the local thrift shop)
  3. Make one (roll out with an olympic bar with weights in your gym)


Control your life, don’t let life control you.

Pura Vida

-Clark Danger

Seattle, WA 1:10PM

Killer At Home Chest Workout: Perfecting Pushups


  • Full Chest Workout
  • Utilize your own bodyweight (Gravity is free, USE it.)
  • Pushups are still #1!

Clark Rant

Gravity is amazing. And Free.

What business do your have lifting weights if you can’t even control your own? Utilizing frequent bodyweight training has become a goal of mine. It’s made me realize that you don’t need tons of smith machines / single isolation right bicep curls to get a good workout. Heck, sometimes less is more. Use your own bodyweight and you’ll start seeing some intense results in density.

Here’s a chest workout I through together last year. These are some variations on the standard pushup.

Give it a shot! Leave a comment if you did. Which pushup variation was the hardest?


  • Perform each exercise in order.
  • Complete three sets before moving onto the next exercise.
  • Listed are (Sets x Reps)
  1. Standard Pushup (3 x 25)
  2. Decline Pushup    (3 x  20)
  3. Dive Bombers        (3 x 15)
  4. Incline Pushup     (3 x 25)
  5. Diamond Pushup  (3 x 20)


VIDEO: Perfecting Pushups


Control your life, don’t let life control you.

Pura Vida.

-Clark Danger

Seattle WA, 12:30PM

AWESOME Tabata Circuit Interval Workout : (burn MORE fat in LESS time.)

AWESOME Tabata Circuit Interval Workout : (burn MORE fat in LESS time.)

AWESOME Tabata Circuit Interval Workout : (burn MORE fat in LESS time.)


  • Short and Sweet. Best way to burn fat.
  • Tabata / Circuit / Interval Training
  • Where to buy cheap gear.
  • Clark has sweet tan lines and short shorts….

What is Tabata / Circuit / Interval Training?

If you are unfamiliar with any of the below types of training, no worries. I did my best to sum up each in a sentence or two.

Circuit Training: Exercises are performed back to back in order listed. Little to no rest is given between each exercise. Circuits contain multiple exercises and most of the time have multiple repeated rounds of the entire circuit. Ex: One time through all the exercises = one circuit.

Interval Training: In general, Interval training is where you alternate between two intervals. One is the “Work” interval, and the second is the “rest” interval. The work intervals are performed at a much greater effort (sometimes max effort). The rest interval is geared towards recovery which involves exerting little to no effort.

TABATA Training: Named after the Japanese scientist, Tabata training is a very intense form of interval training. Traditional Tabata workouts only last 4 min. There are 8 rounds consisting of 20 sec work, 10 sec rest. 


CHEAP suspension trainer I use: WOSS XT Suspension Trainer


The below workout is one that I performed while on the farm in Hawaii. This bad boy can be done almost anywhere  and with minimal equipment. This is a hybrid workout and is in no mean meant to be a “tradition tabata” workout.

Workout of the Day (WOD)

Clark Danger’s TRX Tabata / Circuit / Interval Workout: 35 MIN

  1. Plank Thrusts
  2. Mountain Climbers
  3. Row
  4. Tricep Extension
  5. Bicep Curl
  6. Oblique Twist
  7. Reverse Fly
  8. Deep Pushup
  9. Right Leg Lunge
  10. Left Leg Lunge
  11. Plank


  • 11 moves (in order)
  • Work Interval: 40 sec 
  • Rest Interval:  20 sec 
  • Repeat Circuit 3 times
  • See Full video for exercise demo.






TRX “Knock Off”?

Look nothing on the TRX suspension training system. Those things are WELL made. However, I find it outrageous that they charge over three digits just for a couple adjustable straps and a carabiner. The above “WOSS” training system (link below) is what I took to Hawaii and what has worked great for the past 6 months. It’s only 30 bucks too!

Here is the suspension trainer I have been talking about: WOSS XT Suspension Trainer
Control your life, don’t let life control you.

Pura Vida,

-Clark Danger

Seattle, WA 5:00PM



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