• WAY ONE: Overflow
  • WAY TWO: Become the right person
  • Like attracts like.
  • Positive vs. Negative energy fields.
  • Clark’s going on the Dr. Phil show?

CLARK RANT – “What’s the Point?”

All relationships are the same. We create abstractions such as “romantic” or “friends” when ultimately the core of these all stem from the same root; two beings relating to one another.

What’s the point of a relationship?

I’d argue it’s to magnify the human experience, to make it something where you are growing more together than you could alone.

Before I go any further I want to make it LOUD and CLEAR that I am NOT a relationship expert. You won’t be seeing me on Dr. Phil anytime soon. I have my own issues, trust me, just ask my girlfriend, family, or friends.


Over the years I can honestly say that there have been tips and tricks that have made a profound impact when it comes to relationships.

And as I’m sure you know, relationships matter. This is the area where if handled poorly, can really cause a lot of pain. On the flip side, if handled correctly, relationships can be a staple in a happy life.

How do we handle relationships “correctly”?

Glad you asked….


Way One: Overflow

You can’t give what you don’t have.

If you are not fulfilled you will have a hard time fulfilling others. I’ve noticed in my own life that the times I’ve felt most connected to others were also times where I felt most connected to myself. These tend to be when my fundamentals are in check (separate post coming on this soon). This raises the question “how do you connect to yourself?” and while I think that answer is going to be different for everyone, there are some commonalities in what works for us all. Some easy ways to check in on yourself are to do the following.

So back to you. Answer these questions.

  • What fills you up?
  • What would you do if time or money was no issue?
  • What would you pay to do, and how do you get paid to do that!?

If none of the above questions get you fired up, consider asking yourself this question:

“What’s the ONE thing I need to do today in order to feel like I had a killer / meaningful day?”

That above question can really point you on the right direction. Give it a shot.

Way One: Become the Right Person

STOP trying to look for the right person, and START trying to become the right person.

Did you get that?

Seriously. Out of all the quotes / cliches out there, I think that above one liner takes the cake.

To bring it full circle, you need to work on yourself before trying to build a relationship with anyone else. Otherwise, you’ll be the person who brings the other down. Positive thoughts radiate at a much higher vibration than negative ones. Studies have shown that when two people interact, the one whose energy field is weaker will leach energy off the stronger person.

Like attracts like. Become the right person first.

VIDEO: Two Ways to Deal with ANY Relationship


Control your life, don’t let life control you.

Pura Vida,

-Clark Danger

Seattle, WA 4:22PM



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