• TIP ONE: COLD SHOWER (All cold, no hot)
  • Cold water acts as a NATURAL stimulant.
  • TIP TWO: EAR RUBBING (Chinese medicine pressure points)
  • You may look ridiculous. That’s okay.

Clark Rant:

Us Seattleites can be caught  shooting the stuff up. Gummers and all. I love me some Coff-ine.

Needless to say, I’ve been known to drink my fair share of coffee. But over the years I’ve been trying to kick the coffee addiction for good.

My incentive for doing so? Energy. LOTS of energy.

Whenever I’m not on coffee I sleep better, feel more energized, and am just an overall happier person. (Note the irony in feeling more energy from avoiding the stimulant I was drinking in hopes of getting more…. energy?)

Coffee is a habit. Habits are like matter: It can not be created or destroyed it can only change forms.

So what do you do? How do swap out bad habits for good ones?

I’ll give you two that work for me.

Coffe Replacement #1: COLD SHOWERS

Want more energy? Simple.

Step One: Crank your shower to as cold as it goes. Step Two: Stand in there until you go numb.

If you survive the instant shock of the what feels like antarctic water, you’ll notice something. You’ll leave the ice shower with more energy than you went in with. Why is this? This is because cold water acts as a NATURAL stimulant on your Sympathetic Nervous System (SNS) as opposed to a synthetic stimulant (such as coffee).

Aside from increased energy levels I’ve noticed significant other benefits from adding in daily cold showers. Some other benefits I’ve noticed have been: Improved sleep, less food cravings, improved mental alertness, and overall mood booster.

So give a cold shower a shot if you’re up to it. Heck you don’t even have to use a shower. This can be done in ANY body of water. You can make an ice bath, swim in a cold river, ocean, or pool. Just do it.

And no, the water never feels warmer and it’s not supposed to.

Coffee Replacement #2: EAR RUBBING


Just rub those ears. There are pressure points in your ears that stimulate blood circulation throughout your entire body. Pretty cool, eh? This increased blood flow gives you more oxygen thus leading to higher energy levels!

How to do this? Here’s what I found works best:

1. Rub. Start at the top of your ear and work your way down.
2. Breathe. Take active effort in inhaling deeply through your nose then exhaling out your mouth.
3. Two Minutes. Do this for about two minutes or so.

Too weird for you? Not buying the whole ear rubbing / cold shower combo? That’s cool. I’m not asking you to do this everyday, or even every week. All I’m asking is that you give it a shot ONCE.

Let me know how it goes in a comment below!

QUESTION: Which one worked best for you? 



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